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Bringing the whiskies of the world into your home.

Welcome to Just a Wee Dram!.  This web site will allow you to experience the vast offerings of Scotches, Whiskies, and Bourbons in a variety of ways.  The services offered include:

  • Tasting EventsPeruse our classic tastings and bespoke events and learn about what they include and how to book them. Also, you can take a course on learning about whiskies.
  • Establishments A guide to your local establishments that we recommend based on the quality and quantity of top notch whiskies offered.
  • ApparelYou can design and buy customized whisky apparel by:
    • Design – Select logos and clothing to create your own design.
    • Purchase – Place orders and pay for your customized apparel.
  • Profile – This is your “Whiskey Profile” that lets you view/update:
  • Help Desk -Go here to view:
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Recommended whisky pairings with food
    • Whiskey reviews done by us
  • Blog – Visit our blog to ask questions, share your establishment/whisky brand recommendations, or provide feedback on our products and tasting events.